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Many of us love watching YouTube videos, but the entire experience can be spoiled by repetitive ads. Even though it can be frustrating to watch these ads regularly, users cannot do much to avoid this because ads are a necessary means to generate revenue for the platforms. To overcome this problem, many users may also subscribe to YouTube Premium.  But there is a way to block YouTube ads that too for free! A YouTube Adblocker Chrome Extension such as No Ads Plus for YouTube can block unnecessary ads and prevent them from playing in between videos. This enables users to enjoy YouTube videos to the fullest without having to worry about being interrupted by advertisements.

Enjoy Ad free YouTube videos

It can get tiring if you are made to watch the same ads repeatedly, especially the ones that are not all relevant. Moreover, these ads play every 10 minutes, disrupting the viewing experience. Imagine unskippable ads playing every now and then on a short 15-minute video, and you have no other option but to sit through the entire ad. You can avoid this with the help of the YouTube Adblocker Chrome extension. An adblocking extension for Chrome will block ads and let users experience ad-free videos when added to the browser.

Can YouTube detect adblockers?

The answer is Yes! Since May 2023, YouTube has taken measures to detect adblockers and has asked users to disable extensions or adblockers. Instead, YouTube suggests users buy a premium subscription if they want to avoid ads from playing in between the videos. But the good news is that YouTube can detect some extensions for Chrome, but not all. There are certain adblockers, such as No Ad Plus, that YouTube cannot detect, which will allow users to enjoy ad-free videos for free.

Features of No Ad Plus extension

What are some important features to consider in a YouTube ad-blocking extension? It is important for a good adblocking extension to have the following characteristics to enable seamless adblocking on YouTube. The No Ads Plus extension offers its users not one but five different features, which makes it a popular choice among users. These features are as follows:

  1. Free of cost: Many adblock extensions are free on the Chrome web store, but they may not perform well on the browser. However, the No Ads Plus extension is free to use and does exactly what it claims to do.
  2. Ad blocking features: Ad blocking features are not limited to a single type of ad. The YouTube adblocker extension for Chrome blocks different types of advertisements played on YouTube.
  3. Not detectable by YouTube: Since the latest ban on adblockers, most adblockers have failed to remain undetectable by YouTube. No Ads Plus for YouTube is an extension that remains undetectable and continues to remove unwanted ads from videos.
  4. Compatibility: A YouTube adblocker Chrome extension should be compatible with different web browsers. No Ads Plus for YouTube is compatible with browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
  5. Safe to use: No Ads Plus extension is safe to use and respects the user’s privacy. The extension does not harm your device or sell your data to a third party.

No Ads Plus- Is it worth it?

No Ads Plus for YouTube ticks all the necessary checklists of a good YouTube ad blocker. It is versatile and offers more than one feature to its users. Apart from its versatile features, the YouTube adblocker extension for Chrome is also safe to use. There are a few other aspects of the extension that are favourable to the users:

  • Using an adblocker extension improves the loading speed of the page. With the extension added to the browser, the YouTube page loads faster as it prevents the ads from playing; this is especially beneficial for users with a slow network connection.
  • Nobody wishes to waste their data on loading and playing unwanted advertisements. Since adblockers prevent the ads from playing, they can help save data and people with limited data plans can use an adblocker extension to prevent needless data loss.
  • Many ads on YouTube are disguised as malware, and clicking on these ads may install malware on your device. To prevent this from happening, users can download a YouTube Adblock extension.

All these amazing benefits in a single extension! It is free, safe to use, blocks pesky ads and improves the overall browsing experience which makes it absolutely worth it. It is a great adblocking extension for all YouTube audiences looking for a simple and effective solution to prevent annoying ads from disrupting your favourite videos.

How to use No Ads Plus for Youtube

This YouTube adblocker Chrome extension is easy to use and download. It only takes a few clicks to download this extension, and it will seamlessly integrate into your browser. It is a lightweight extension that will not slow down your system. To get this extension, follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned below:

  • Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for the No Ads Plus extension
  • Click on the “Add to Chrome” button
  • Wait for the extension to finish downloading.

After the extension finishes downloading, you can find the extension icon next to the address bar.

To use the extension on YouTube:

  • Open YouTube Web on your browser
  • Click on the extension icon.
  • The extension will automatically start working without needing to do anything else.
  • Sit back and enjoy ad-free watching on YouTube.

To enable the latest features, update your adblocker regularly and make sure that you are using the latest version. This is to ensure the smooth functioning of the browser and to prevent YouTube from detecting the adblockers.

Note: The extensions only work on PCs and laptops but not on mobile devices.

Here’s how to manage or remove the extension:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Select More Extensions in the top right
  3. Select Manage extensions
  4. Make changes to the extension

Improve your YouTube browsing experience with No Ads Plus. You can experience ad-free watching on YouTube by installing this free extension on your browser without having to pay for a premium subscription. Its advantages are not limited to adblocking, as users can also improve the page load speed, prevent data loss and avoid getting any malware on your device. It is an all-in-one YouTube adblocker Chrome extension that removes unnecessary ads and lets you enjoy your favourite videos ad-free.

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